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Sofa Care Tips

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

7 Things you can do to keep your sofa and armchairs looking & feeling great!

Let's Start with things you can do Daily or Weekly:

1. Remove any 'Bobbing' from fabric with a gentle brush.

- Depending on the fabric, A gentle brush over from time to time

can help level out shading and pressure marks from use by stimulating the pile.

If you have a leather or similar type covering, a wipe over with a clean duster will do the trick!

2. Give your leg fittings a little nudge and check to ensure they are tight & secure.

3. Re-dress your covers if needed, make sure all areas are covered nicely and fitting the frame & shape of the chair well.

4. Plump your Cushions! - This will help keep their look & shape lovely.

Check out our Top Tips on how to do this in our Filling types & Care blog.

Now how about Monthly?

5. Rotate your cushions! - This will help even out wear and minimise any potential fading from sunlight.

6. Freshen things up a bit by giving your fabric sofa a gentle go over with the hoover. This helps to reduce pilling, remove dust particles and prevent soiling or undue wear.

All fabrics need slightly different treatment. So make sure to check the instructions on the particular covering on your sofa or armchair to give it all the right love it needs. So you can continue to get all the comfort you can in return.

If you have a sofabed don't forget to open it out and give the mattress a vacuum and turn around occasionally to keep it fresh.

Hoover brush head for taking care of your sofa.

There is no need to use an industrial strength hoover! Keep the setting low and use a brush attachment.

& Finally...Yearly:

7. Atleast once a year give your sofa some TLC -

follow the fabric washing instructions and get things feeling fresh & fantastic.

We Hope these tips help you to get the most comfort and joy you can out of your sofa

and maintain a great look for your interior scheme.


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