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Clarke & Clarke's New Collections

Clarke & Clarke have brought out 5 beautiful new fabric collections. With an abundance of colour possibilities for glamorous living.  They provide plenty of inspiration, to create an interior scheme you love.

An exciting new print and weave technique can be found in diffusion. Timeless woven jacquards have been created with patterns such as soft geometrics, hazy florals, lustrous stripes and organic marble effects.

Chunky, twisted and boucle yarns inspired by the Catwalk can be found in Mode alongside designs including check and ombre.

We are taken on a horseback journey across desert sands. To meander through the bustling streets of Marrakech with the Prince of Persia collection.  Showing us all the sights, including glimmering coins and palm trees on a variety of textures.

For effortless glamour Alvar 2 has the ultimate versatility of 101 colours. Ranging from cool neutral to bold jewelled tones.

Highlander is another great staple not to be missed. With a wool like feel, this soft plain fabric is multi-purpose and washable. An excellent go-to to finish off any interior scheme.

All of these designs are an ideal addition, creating elegant sophistication in any space.

Contact us HERE for more info and samples.


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