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Filling Types & Care

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

A quick look at sofa cushion interior options & how to keep them looking ship' shape!


This is a firmer interior with a Soft & comfy like feather, with Feather is a very traditional

springy feel, great for a slightly fuller feel, and popular option.

contemporary styles as it keeps But still has a more casual look It feels luxurious as its super

its shape easier, creating a than foam. squishy & comfortable, but

smart appearance. Regular plumping & turning helps has a caual appearance.

A low maintenance filling, maintain its great look & feel. This interior tends to

just needing a slight plump or turn flatten when sat on, so

now & then. requires alot more plumping

attention to maintain its look.

Not reccomended for

people with allergies.

Now you can have some fun...Get Plumping!

Step 1. Remove the cushions from your sofa or chair.

Step 2. Punch them from all sides.

Step 3. Drop them onto a clean floor - This helps maintain shape & comfort by pushing air back into them.

If you don't think you are up for this - then avoid a feather interior.

Top Tip: Rotating your cushions every now & then (atleast monthly)

will help to even out wear and minimise any potential fading from sunlight.

Check out more of our sofa care tips here.


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