We make your furniture, the way you want it. Your measurements for your space. We can build your sofa to fit perfectly into your environment. We can make it in pieces for easy access, or cater for your specific body comfort and wellbeing needs.

Here at Sofarooms we have a vast experience and knowledge of everything to do with upholstered furniture.

With all our sofas handcrafted by our skilled craftsman, 
we know every bit of material that goes into every handmade sofa.  Making sure it is always of the highest standard.


All of our furniture comes with a 25 year frame guarantee.  
Solid. quality furniture crafted by experts and built to last.

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​Visit our interior & design website, ran by our specialist team. 
At Decor Rooms we have an expanding range of top designer fabrics, cushions, wallpapers and more.  
Everything you need to create a space and make a home you love.

We have a huge selection of high quality and designer fabrics to choose from for your sofa or soft furnishings. 
We have everything covered! Including  a made to measure service for your interior needs,
So any space can be tailored to fit your specific style and requirements.
Click on the link below to find out more.

Zero to Hero! Give a new life to your old and loved furniture.  
It is amazing the transformations we have made to peoples cherished furniture over the years. 
Visit our FOUR UPHOLSTERY website to find out more...

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Our Showroom



Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm  

​​Saturday to Sunday: By Appointment

We are more than happy to open...

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SOFAROOMS is an independent, family run business.  Based in Exeter, Devon.  
We specialise in making high quality, upholstered furniture and soft furnishings.  
We have collected and designed a special range of both classic and modern furniture. 
All of which can be tailored to suit your needs.

Born from the love of antiques within the original family business, 
SOFAROOMS has harnessed traditional values of design, quality, shape and style. 
We work hard to ensure that SOFAROOMS furniture will be around for decades. It is built to last.  
We want our furniture to be desired and cherished, 
with the possibility of being an antique of the future.



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