The Thorverton is a sofa with fairly narrow arms. This fine figure of a sofa is ideal for living areas that are restricted for space.  We created this style of sofa to be a modern alternative to a comfortable, high backed winged sofa or chair, like our Shillingford design.  This modern chic sofa and chair design enables you to have a high back to the sofa, so that you can really sink into it and relax in the evening after a long date at work.   As the Thorverton has straight fairly narrow arms, it maximised the seating space, whilst not wasting any precious space in your home.   It is one of our newer models in our showroom but is becoming the new best seller.

You are not limited by a few choices of fabrics, we have a huge collection of fabrics and we can help you find something that is suitable for you and your home.

All of sofas, chairs and footstools here at SOFAROOMS are 100% hardwood framed and the Thorverton is no different.  Our furniture is truly built to last.

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