Bespoke Bay Window Sofa

Bespoke Bay Window Sofa

6 bespoke dining chairs, based on a image and measurements provided by our customer. Upholstered in Designers Guild fabric

Bespoke Dining Chairs in Designers Guild Fabric

A very bespoke riser recliner in tan leather. Tailored and shaped specifically for our customer with curvature of the spine.

Bespoke riser recliner.

Bespoke or Made to Measure

We can duplicate or design any style of sofa, chair and more in any size or shape to suit you and your home beautifully.

Sofarooms is one of Devon’s finest handcrafted upholstered furniture suppliers, we offer a unique personal service and can make each piece of furniture tailored specifically to you. So if you struggle to sit comfortably in furniture because it is too deep, shallow, high or low then visit us, we will be more than happy to help you find a sofa or chair that you not only love the look of but that will be customised to suit you personally.
Our furniture can also be designed to suit your home. You can choose to take advantage of our bespoke service and design your own unique furniture or simply have one of Sofarooms designs made to measure to suit your home perfectly.
If access is a problem – do not worry! Sofarooms can make your furniture into sections or with removable arms to make access problems a thing of the past.

To take advantage of our unique bespoke service, all you need to do is bring in a picture, sketch your own or even explain it to us and we’ll design it for you.  We can also come out to you to measure and help advise on what may work best.

Made to fit the shape of the room

Made to fit the shape of the room

Created to match a existing sofa.

A bespoke sofa, created from a image provided.